The 2019 Public Service Pay Agreement, commonly known as the “inmo” pay agreement, has been a hot topic of discussion within the Irish public service sector. This agreement, which covers approximately 340,000 public servants in Ireland, was signed between the government and a number of trade unions, including the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO).

Under the terms of the inmo pay agreement, public service workers are set to receive a series of pay increases over the course of three years. The agreement provides for a 1.75% increase in pay for eligible public servants from 1 January 2019, with a further 0.5% increase for those earning less than €30,000 per annum. The agreement also includes provisions for future increases in pay, with a 2% increase set to be implemented on 1 October 2020, and a further 2% due on 1 October 2021.

The inmo pay agreement has been welcomed by many public servants, particularly those who have experienced pay cuts and freezes in recent years. The agreement has also been seen as a positive development for the nursing profession, as it includes a number of specific measures aimed at addressing the recruitment and retention challenges facing the sector.

One of the key provisions of the inmo pay agreement is the establishment of a new nursing and midwifery grade, which will provide a career progression route for nurses and midwives. The agreement also includes provisions for the recruitment of additional nursing and midwifery staff, as well as measures to address the working conditions of nurses and midwives.

However, the inmo pay agreement has also been subject to criticism from some quarters. Critics have argued that the pay increases provided for in the agreement are insufficient, particularly in light of the cost of living increases faced by public servants in Ireland. Others have argued that the agreement does not adequately address the staffing and resource challenges facing the health service.

Despite these criticisms, the inmo pay agreement represents an important step forward for public service workers in Ireland. The agreement provides for a much-needed increase in pay and includes measures aimed at addressing some of the key challenges faced by the nursing profession. While there is still work to be done to address the broader challenges facing the public service, the inmo pay agreement is a positive development for public servants in Ireland.